This is The Compilation of The Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is The Startups Valley?

A. The startupsvalley is an online platform where everyone with an idea that he, she or they think, can create or improve a circuit, a process, a mechanism, an equipment, a machine, a system, a software or an app, can come up, register and list their prorject with us.

Q. Does This Platform Has Something To Do With The Original Silicon Valley in America?

A. Not directly, because it is clear that there is one and only Silicon Valley created in the United States, where all technology as we know it, was originated on the past century. We do not want to copy it or create a brand new, but what we wanted to do is to bring the Silicon Valley's Spirit to the world. 

Q. What is The Goal of the Startups Valley's Platform?

A. We know that  a lot of entrepreneurs, Engineers, Designers, Scientifics, Programmers, Coders and Crazy people have thousands of ideas that can revolucionate the world, but for most of them is almost imposible to leave their country and travel to America to meet new partners or investors for their projects. That's why that our goal is to provide a platform where everyone can list a brief summary of their projects and we will ensure to bring close partners and or investors that possibly can make those ideas become a reality.

Q. Is There Any Fee Involved With The Projects Listing?

A. All the registered members can list their projects for free or get it featured by a one time low fee of just $25 that will bring their project on top of the general listings. This last one is fully optional.  The platform also will accept donations from people to help maintain our processes.

Q. What Are The Collecred  Funds Used For?

A. The funds are used for two purposes: 

   1. To support the platform maintenance

   2. To get close startup projects, partners and investors, to help them become their dreams and ideas into a reality, even when there is no any guarantee that we can accomplish this last.

We will organize webinars also with celebrities on this field to inspire our members, provide guidance, tips and advice.