About Us

Thestartupsvalley was born as an effort to get worldwide investors close to the startups around the globe.

Our mission is to take startups to the Silicon valley for just $10 USD one time symbolic payment. But we have some great news, during 2019 the cost to register your startup will be of $0 USD.

Wether you have a simple idea to create a unique electronics circuit, a new website, a new mobile app, a new business model, a project on regards virtual reality, augmented reality, the internet of things, smart home devices,
drones, robotics, artificial intelligence or if your idea is for a brick and mortar business... you are at the right place.

it doesn't matter if your idea is to create a new social network, a new seacrh engine or directory, a new software,  the best place to find  the right investors is around the valley.

We bring the silicon valley spirit close to the people that cannot go there, because we know the world is full on entrepreneurs, scientifics, inventors  and crazy people with unique ideas, that just need to meet the right investor to boost their business to the next level.

Expose your project and find the right partners and/or investors that you need.

Welcome to the startups valley!

How to use The Platform:
1. Register you free account
2. List your startup project, describe it the best you can, add all the information about,  links to presentations, videos, website and social networks that you make have.
3. Add all your details
That's it, your project will be seen by  people searching for startups to work with or investors looking for great projects. With a little luck you will find the people and investors that you were looking for.

There's an option to get your startup project featured for a small symbolic fee if you want to get even more exposure for your project.

What happend if my city is not listed ?
Relax, just send us a message using the contact form and we will add your city  to the platform in a few hours.

What are you waiting for? register your startup today!